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AT&T, Verizon Subscribers Exposed as Mobile Bills Turn Up on the Open Web

Names, addresses, phone numbers, call and text message records and account PINs were all caught up in a cloud misconfiguration.

Nebraska Medicine Breached By Rogue Employee

Nebraska Medicine is warning that a rogue, former employee accessed patients' medical records, Social Security numbers and more.

EFF Talks the Corporate Surveillance of Consumers

The EFF explains how data is being tracked and used on the web and mobile devices, how consumers can protect themselves - and why it's not all bad news.

Dutch Politician Could Get Three Years in Prison for Hacking iCloud Accounts

Prosecution asks for imprisonment of the hacker who stole nude photos and other personal data from women’s iCloud accounts and then distributed some of the material online.

DHS Plans to Expand Facial Recognition Border Checks

Now all travelers to and from the U.S. - even if they are U.S. citizens - will be subject to facial recognition-based checks, a new filing revealed.

ThreatList: A Third of Biometric Systems Targeted by Malware in Q3

A successful attack could wreak havoc, given the potential for biometric forgery, and a lack of options in the event one’s biometric profile is stolen.

Android Ups the Mobile Security Ante with Default TLS Encryption

More than 90 percent of Android apps running on the latest OS encrypt their traffic by default.

Smart TVs: The Cyberthreat Lurking in Your Living Room, Feds Warn

TV takeover, privacy threats, botnet concerns and Wi-Fi network compromise are all big concerns when it comes to connected TVs.

Insecure Database Exposes Millions of Private SMS Messages

Researchers discovered an unprotected TrueDialog database hosted by Microsoft Azure with diverse and business-related data from tens of millions of users.

Amazon Plans Ring Facial Recognition-Based ‘Watch List’, Report

Amazon's facial recognition would alert Ring users if "suspicious" individuals are near their house.

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