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New Way Found to Use Alexa, Google to ‘Voice Phish’ and Eavesdrop on Users

Developer interfaces used by Security Research Labs researchers to turn digital home assistants into ‘Smart Spies’.

Execs Could Face Jail Time For Privacy Violations

The bill is a direct shot at big tech companies like Facebook as senators try to reel in data-collection policies.

Podcast: Departing Employees Could Mean Departing Data

Threatpost talks to Digital Guardian's Tim Bandos about the top insider threats that enterprises are facing today.

Unencrypted Mobile Traffic on Tor Network Leaks PII

Researchers create digital dossiers of mobile users scraped from Tor network traffic.

A Deepfake Deep Dive into the Murky World of Digital Imitation

Deepfake technology is becoming easier to create – and that’s opening the door for a new wave of malicious threats, from revenge porn to social-media misinformation.

Apple Shares Some Browsing History with Chinese Company

The company acknowledged it’s using ‘safe browsing’ technology from Tencent, which has ties to the Chinese government.

Cryptomining Crook Steals Game Developer’s Identity to Carry Out Dirty Work

An alleged fraudster built a vast web of AWS cloud accounts, becoming the platform's biggest consumer of data resources.

China’s Sway Over Tech Companies Tested with Apple, Blizzard

Apple has been called out by Chinese state-run media as protecting “rioters,” while Blizzard bans a Hearthstone player for supporting Hong Kong.

Most Americans Fail Cybersecurity Quiz

Study participants fail to correctly identify core security concepts and tools to help them stay safe online.

Privacy Groups: Ring’s Police Partnerships Can Lead to Sinister Ends

Increasing concerns over unauthorized surveillance, integration with facial recognition and more are plaguing the doorbell-video camera company.

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