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Mozilla Patches Bugs in Firefox, Now Blocks Cross-Site Cookie Tracking

Mozilla said its Total Cookie Protection feature in Firefox 86 prevents invasive, cross-site cookie tracking.

Daycare Webcam Service Exposes 12,000 User Accounts  

NurseryCam suspends service across 40 daycare centers until a security fix is in place.

Assume Clubhouse Conversations Are Being Recorded, Researchers Warn

Two breaches of the audio-based social media app reinforce privacy, security concerns.

Apple Outlines 2021 Security, Privacy Roadmap

Latest Apple Platform Security update folds iOS, macOS and hardware into security 2021 roadmap.

Complaint Blasts TikTok’s ‘Misleading’ Privacy Policies

TikTok is again in hot water for how the popular video-sharing app collects and shares data - particularly from its underage userbase.

Celeb SIM-Swap Crime Ring Stole $100M from U.S. Victims

The attackers ported victims' cell phone lines and then defeated 2FA to access accounts and apps.

Spotify Suffers Second Credential-Stuffing Cyberattack in 3 Months

As many as 100,000 of the music streaming service's customers could face account takeover.

Clearview Facial-Recognition Technology Ruled Illegal in Canada

The company’s controversial practice of collecting and selling billions of faceprints was dealt a heavy blow by the Privacy Commissioner that could set a precedent in other legal challenges.

Identity Theft Spikes Due to COVID-19 Relief

Cases reported to the FTC doubled last year as cybercriminals took advantage of increased filing for government relief benefits due to the pandemic.

Wind River Security Incident Affects SSNs, Passport Numbers

Wind River Systems is warning of a 'security incident' after one or more files was downloaded from its network.

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