Cyber Defence Exercises (Red v Blue)


  • A live technical Red/Blue Team Cyber Defence Exercise (CDX)
  • Blue Teams will have to defend a pre-built virtual network consisting of up to 20 virtual machines against the sophisticated, high-level, real-time, Red Team’s cyber attacks


Exercises are the ultimate tool to Assess your security controls, process and procedures deployed to protect your networks Train your Cyber Defenders against real attacks & malware Develop your procedures, scripts & tools before deploying on operational networks
Assess your cyber security staff. Are they able to distinguish/prevent attacks from “normal” traffic? Train your security tools to identify exploit payloads & reduce false positives Develop lessons identified database
Assess your already implemented security tools & scripts. Do they protect you against Cyber Attacks? Do they need further lockdowns? Train your security professionals & management on Incident Response processes Develop relationships with vendors to further defend your networks